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Puding Suite Villa

Puding Suite Villa

Puding Suites stands within the old Roman walls of the old town. While the name “Puding” does serve as a fine desert name, here, it actually derives from the colourful ancient road building method, - which uses a mix of different types of stone to create patterns underfoot.
A mansion dating back to 300 years, Puding Suite makes you lose the time consciousness and start dreaming of those ages. The delightful courtyard offers a splendid afternoon while tasting a nice drinkl and forgetting the hustle of today’s life. A nice refreshing swim in the pool would erase every single trace of stress from your body.
Puding Suite offers its guests a fairytale atmosphere, warm yet exclusive style to make you feel at home along with all the luxuries of a holiday.
Please note that Puding Suite Villa is able to accept childeren.

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